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Spectacle Sellig "Episode 5"

Saturday 09 Feb
Web Site
Phone 02 99 88 56 47
Address Centre socioculturel "Le Phare" Rue du Lac 35350 Saint-Coulomb
At 8.30 pm at the sociocultural center Le Phare, rue du Lac - Saint-Coulomb After 20 years of career SELLIG has performed on all Paris and French scenes, from Point-Virgule to Olympia. With this 5th show Episode 5 as delirious as family, SELLIG leads us in the exploration of our daily rich of situations both annoying and funny. He compares the past to the present: Was it really better before? . You will go to the mountains with his truculent sister and his famous brother-in-law Bernard for a more than hectic stay and you will discover, among other things, how to keep calm in traffic jams. In this episode 5, SELLIG also returns to the characters, you will meet a colorful comedian who finds the world around him extravagant. It is useless to have seen the previous episodes of SELLIG to come laugh with family or friends with his show: EPISODE 5 Sellig, whose real name Gilles MAGNARD, was born June 29, 1969 in Lyon. As an only son, he grew up in the city of Lyon where he went through a difficult childhood and adolescence. He studied at the vocational school Rabelais to learn a trade: cook. He passed and passed a CAP and a BEP in cooking and started in 1989 as a cook in the Lyon corks. Then 2 years later he will become a chef in Lyon. He made his debut on the boards with the association The meeting of the arts, an association that offers young talents to present a skit. He combines the profession of cook and that of humorist for a few years. After 12 years of cooking, he decided to change everything and turned to the job of humorist. He starts off with the show Graines de Star, which he wins twice, a show in which Anne Roumanoff spots him and offers to produce it for three years. His stage career began in 1992, with his first show titled Sellig episode 1 with sketches of everyday life that can be identified. He draws mainly on his experience and situations in everyday life to write his sketches. He will remain for 2 years at the poster of the Theater of ten hours in Paris. In 2005, he began working as a columnist on Christine Bravo's show Douce France. That same year, he gets one of the five main roles in Bernard Werber's film Our Friends the Earthlings. In 2008, he released his first novel entitled For a Handful of Koumlaks, a book prefaced by Bernard Werber, author of the Ants. Two years later, he released the sequel: Clones and koumlaks at the Editions Rivière Blanche and early 2015, his latest novel entitled The operation R8 still Editions Rivière Blanche, this time it is a international plot with the leading characters of his sketches, Bernard, his sister, Jurgen and Pupuce. In addition to writing his novels and shows, in 2011 he participated in the writing of Yves Lecoq's show. Since 2005, he is present on the show Les Grands du rire on France 3 with the latter. In 2013, he is also present on the set of And that amuses you on RTL9 with Gérald Dahan, then at the end of 2014, Patrick Sébastien invites him on his program Les années bonheur to present his sketch Les animaux domestiques. Since the 2000s, Rire et Chansons radio broadcasts 7 to 10 of his sketches every day. It is produced since 2008 by Audrey Guilhaume Production and is touring all over France with its latest show Episode 4. In short, Sellig is a 20-year career, more and more cinemas throughout France, a cook, a humorist, a writer, a chronicler and an actor. Ticketing at the sociocultural center Le Phare (02 99 88 56 47) or Diogène Productions site Other points of sale (additional rental fees): Fnac, Carrefour, U Stores, Intermarché, Leclerc, Cultura, Auchan
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