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Spectacle Il était une fois Jean-Marie Bigard "le spectacle de ma vie"

Friday 14 Dec
Web Site
Phone 02 99 88 56 47
Address Centre socioculturel "Le Phare" Rue du Lac 35350 Saint-Coulomb
At 8:30 pm at the sociocultural center Le Phare, rue du Lac - Saint-Coulomb Hello darlings! You have been 4,000,000 friends to see me in show and 8,000,000 to have bought my DVDs. It's up to me to give you a present! I'm going to meet you wherever you are! With my best sketches! Finally, no, your best sketches! Because it is you who will choose (by voting on the internet) the sketches that I will play every night. It's my tour, enjoy it! »Ticketing at the sociocultural center Le Phare (02 99 88 56 47) Other points of sale (additional rental fees): Fnac, Carrefour, U Stores, Intermarché, Leclerc, Cultura, Auchan
Fri 14 Dec 2018
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39 € 43 €