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Spectacle "65ème anniversaire du Bagad de Lann Bihoué"

Saturday 09 Mar
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Phone 02 99 88 56 47
Address Centre socioculturel "Le Phare Rue du Lac 35350 Saint-Coulomb
At 15h and 20h30 at the socio - cultural center Le Phare, rue du Lac - Saint - Coulomb In 2017/2018 the Bagad de Lann Bihoué will celebrate its 65th anniversary with a major international tour. On this occasion will be created a brand new show. Composed of 30 musicians and singers the Bagad de Lann Bihoué is the ambassador of Breton music and the French Navy, not only in France but also abroad. Immortalized in a tube by Alain Souchon, it is composed exclusively of musicians of the French Navy. Alan Stivell, Tri Yann, Carlos Nunez, Nolwenn Leroy and of course Alain Souchon ... Their constantly renewed repertoire is composed of original compositions and traditional pieces famous. It bears witness to the richness of the Celtic heritage. A journey into the soul of a people that knows how to keep its traditions alive. Kenavo! Fnac, Carrefour, Shops U, Intermarché, Leclerc, Cultura (02 99 88 56 47) and the Library (02 99 89 48 15) Other points of sale , Auchan
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