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Plage de Bon Secours

35400 Saint-Malo
The Bon Secours beach is accessible through the ramparts and the fortified city. This sand beach is very frequented, especially for its sea-water pool equipped with a diving board and for its sand yachting school.

It offers a beautiful view of the Saint-Malo Bay and Dinard. In front of it we can observe the Grand Bé islet where Chateaubriand was buried; in the background - the Petit Bé islet and its 17th century fort built by Vauban and his engineer, Garangeau. The Grand Bé and the Petit Bé are accessible at low tide depending on the time and coefficients.

A little history of the Bon Secours pool:

Its history started in the 1930's. During the interwar period, the activities on the coast were developing very fast and the beaches were always full. At the time three bathing facilities shared the Bon-Secours Beach. Right in the middle of it, there was Bains René, run by René Lesaunier. This director was very careful with his clients needs and had plenty of ideas. He was the first one to install showers connected to the city's water system so that the swimmers could rinse themselves. He also had the idea to install sun visors for the chaise longues. But his ideas were quickly adopted by its competitors.

Bains René was very appreciated by the clients. His only disadvantage was the time of the great tides: the sea retired too far away and visitors preferred the pool in Dinard.

René Lesaunier had the idea to build a water-sea pool that allows the visitors to swim 24 hours a day. The pool was built in 1937. René Lesaunier always mentioned that the water in the pool was changed twice a day, at each tide; on the contrary, the water in the Dinard pool only changed only during the great tides.

Ideal for swimming, it is a beach for the whole family and has a first aid station in summer.
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